In the show entitled “Signs of the City: Amsterdam”, it presents some of the best signs in Amsterdam including the Red Light District, the Schiphol Airport, the Dam Square and more.

Centering around signs, a lot of different signs of Amsterdam are provided. At first, the Red Light District, also known as ‘De Wallen’, is introduced at first. It is recommended as the biggest tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Then it comes to the sign of bike, as the city is also known for large number of bikes. Also, it mentioned another custom of the city, drinking as the drinking is not allowed in some areas. The sign “Te koop” is the language of Amsterdam, meaning that the house is for sale.

Schipol is the Netherlands main international airport, which is given specifically to the tourists. Related to the Red Light District, there are a lot of sex cinema and lighted sex shop. In addition, some famous people in Amsterdam are mentioned. For example, the former residents of Anne Frank, who is the writer of the diary of Anne. She lived in a house in Armstewhile she was living during world war II The house, now a museum. There, she wrote the diary. Also, the museum of famous celebrity wax figures, known as Madame Tussaud’s is introduced as well, which is located on Dam Square. Another special coffee shop: The ‘Bulldog Coffeeshop,’ in the center of the Red Light District, is a special place. It can buy and consume marijuana and hashish, which is not illegal there. Most of the signs are related to the Red Light District in fact. At last, the show ended with the slogan of the city “ I amsterdam”, which is quite interesting.

The place and show is interesting to me. Amsterdam is a city surrounded by a canal. The canal is wide or narrow, but the buildings on both sides are rather exquisite. At first, Netherlands is known for its freedom of sex. The Netherlands is the first country in the world to legalize homosexuality. Through this show, people have already felt the admiration of sexual freedom in this country and respect for human nature. The legality of marijuana is also a major feature of the Netherlands. In the Dutch cafes, people can legally buy marijuana, which seems to be limited to 5 grams. This is why many tourists come here. There are many interesting museums in Amsterdam, the most famous being the Van Gogh Museum, the Sex Museum, and so on. Amsterdam is a city where art and madness coexist. Art is in beautiful architecture. The whole city is full of Van Gogh’s post-impressionism. Every family has a large balcony filled with flowers and plants. Crazy part is the smell of marijuana on the street, the enchanting girl in the red light district, the naked sunbathing people on the canal.