in the Second World War, Germany and the United States were having all religious systems, and they all prayed for God’s blessing. But it is a question how God bless pray both sides to win the war.George Carlin is an American stand-up comedy performer, actor, and writer (Schott, 2009, p.108). As early as the late 1950s, Carlin was already a famous TV star. He won four Grammy Awards for his comedy albums during his lifetime, and in 2009, he won it again for It’s Bad For Ya. Carlin is known for his political insight, black humor, and observations on language, psychology, religion, and many taboo subjects. George Carlin raised a series of question in his talk show. The analysis of his texts shows that his speech is‘politically incorrect’ which advocated highly progressive ideas(Healy, 2016, p.137).

Out of the reflection of the values of the middle class, he did not follow the path of success step by step.
A. He rethought everything in front of him and created his own future.
B.There is a personal transformation of George Carlin(Samaha, 2010).
Transition: His philosophy of life, his reflection and strict execution of his philosophy of life, and the wisdom and deadly humor was reflected in his talk show and influenced a lot of viewers.

Carlin’s comedy sensitivity often reflects the same theme that human nature can not be cultivated.
A. The most common topics satirized by Carlin are the arrogance of the elite.
B. He also criticizes the stupidity of the masses, and the hypocrisy of human beings as a whole.
Transition: In his final performance It’s Bad for Ya, Carlin continued his own criticism.

He questions a lot of things such as the child, the old man, the god, and the faith.
A. He threw away his suit and tie, as well as the traditional thing that helped him gain fame, but re-emerged as a cultural rebel.
B.George Carlin spared no effort in attacking the foundations of the United States in his best way: religious culture.

George Carlin is obsessed with language(Zimmerman, 2009). His powerful, and self-contained logic and language is not merely to make people laugh. His value lies in not blindly observing, thinking independently, and letting people see the absurdity of universal values. From his talk show, people can feel his thought, worldview, and his own living environment and so on. Carlin uses natural language skills to restore the original appearance of those mysterious things. He makes his audience learn to think about what kind of America they live in. For the United States, he has a special feeling, which is a deep disappointment based on love. Throughout his life, he has challenged the limits of American freedom of speech and opposed mainstream values. But it was exactly what he opposed and eventually accepted it.