Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today, we are gathered here in memory of my pets’ vet, Simon. From the day that I brought my first cat to the vet, I have known Simon for twenty years. During those years, we have grown from a vet to client relationship to close friends.

As a vet, Simon has helped the lives of thousands of dogs, cats, and other species. From giving my cats vaccines, to cleaning out their infections, from neutering to fixing one of my cat’s broken bones, I have thanked him for many times, but I still feel that I have not expressed myself enough. So, today, let me take this chance and say once again, thank you Simon for all of your support.

As a volunteer and advocator of animal life welfare, Simon has rescued numerous strays in his life, finding homes for the poor animals and giving them a good living environment. On behalf of all of the lucky animals, I want to say, thank you Simon.

As a close friend, Simon also brought my family joy and laughter. A compassionate person, he influenced our family to care for those in need of help and gained satisfaction from conducting good deeds. Even though he is gone, his spirit still carries on. Every month, the stray cat organization that he established in the community will still gather funds and donate to caring for the poor.

I still cannot believe that you left us so early. It has all been too soon. God bless you and may you rest in peace.