Ladies and Gentlemen:

It’s my great honor to welcome all of you to this year’s Annual Corporate Dinner, celebrating our accomplishments of 2017 and our next adventure of 2018. I am confident that tonight’s dinner will not only bring you a pleasant experience of communication, but also show you a promising team of companies

It is so important for us to meet together to summarize the company’s achievements this year, after all, that is what we’re gonna do: successful communication. And all achievement belongs to you, my dear partners. I just wanted to start by thanking you for joining us tonight, your presence tonight is the best indication of our bright future. Your applause and smile are also the best proof of our company’s continued existence.

History tells us that everyone has a meaning. You can be a conscientious teacher, or you can be a President with a lot of raleigh. Of course, you also can be a partner of our company. it’s up to you. What kind of person do you want to be. But one thing I know for sure is that I’m here because of you. Because of you, there’s a feast tonight. Because of your good quality and excellent personality, we have today’s DreamGo .we just happened to be there and to make DreamGo succeed.

As we expected, DreamGo is moving forward with a full speed, and in constant optimization and reflection, we have finally achieved today’s success. It also reflects the most essential point, that our current management model and business plan are correct and feasible. So, this year-end review will be destined to be a happy feast. And i believe you will have a pleasant evening.

Next, let’s take a look at our company’s operations this year and welcome your comments. Today, I’d like to focus on thanking our new members, who are indispensable and fresh to our company, they bring new vitality and motivation to DreamGo, taking the company into broader space. It is under their efforts that we can achieve greater success and maximize the company’s potential. Of course, senior employees also deserve more praise. After all, you are the cornerstone of our company. Our enterprise culture and concept will rely on you to inherit, at the same time, the more you shoulder the burden is to lead the newcomers to the bright future, You will be their guide. let’s cheer for you, and the future of the company. we believe that under the joint efforts of everyone, DreanGo will go to further international world.

Optimism and efficiency are our primary core values to meet the demands and admission requirements of our Partnered Schools. This is our strength as we all know. With this advantage, we have indeed played considerable performance this year and achieved many of the expectations set at the beginning of the year. This is not only the success of the company, but also your honor. As the CEO of the company, I am very pleased to see these achievements and also very proud of you.

According to the latest data show that this year, the total number of customers that DreamGo welcomed, has more than four hundred people, which actually was beyond us expected and goal, which brings the addition of Asian students,making our enterprise advantage more prominent. This is the reason why we can become a Google ranking second educational consultants. Many projects has achieved good results, like that summer camp and winter camp are successful under the common effort, and Wall Street internship programs also greatly promote the further development of our company, these are attributed to everybody in this room, let us give warm applause to thank yourself.

As a group, the company really makes us realize that progress can only be made through unity. Teamwork and loyalty are the faith and soul of a team.

According to the harvard school of management, the excellent enterprise survey data in the world, all of the sustainable development of enterprises will experience the rectification and the system update “turmoil”, and to persist in the enterprise, will grow up to be an excellent enterprise. A team that can persist doesn’t need to be trying to create an atmosphere of unity all the time.

The company is the platform. We are all the owners. We should take the business of the enterprise as our own business, and take the financial resources of the enterprise as our own. In the New Year, I have some ideas about it: Work together to make your dream come true and let DreamGo more colorful. In the service of the company and in the service of the staff, we service to customers, in order to promote the company develops into the market and increase earnings , practice economy, so as to maximize the profit, to the best of human configuration for the biggest economic benefits.

Back on the tenet of our company, as one of the excellent education consultancy, we are committed to help many foreign students to handle several matters better, at the same time, we are more cultured is professional and perfect, it will be our constant pursuit and goals that you strive for .Therefore, at this party, I would like to sincerely express my vision for the company’s development in the next year. I believe that with such a group of excellent partners, we can surely achieve better results next year.

The good times are always short, but happiness can last for a long time. Let’s work together to strive for a better tomorrow for our company.

Thank you