Why Faith and Finance Are Compatible by John Horvat II is mainly about the argument that faith and finance can be compatible, which may not be the expectations of most Christians. In order to better support the argument, the author has specially referred to a person named Gregg, whose opinions are really effective in justifying for the compatibility between faith and finance. What Gregg has put forward is that “finance is a necessary good when it is done with justice, prudence and temperance”, through which the author proposes that what matters is how finance is dealt with but not finance itself is evil.

Moreover, why this article is important will be analyzed. Firstly, it can help the Christians both have faith and finance as long as they can use finance in a good way. Or maybe it can be put in another way that the Christians can run their business even though they are Christians. Secondly, this article can contribute to the virtue of magnificence because it makes people understand that finance is a service and vocation rather than evil. As a result, finance can undoubtedly help create more value for the Christians. It can be understood in this way that Christians can have more choices as for what they can do after changing the view towards finance.

Last but not the least, this article as well has effects for the future. On the one hand, this article is able to make the Christians do business with finance secured so that the business can be run well with financial support. Finance won’t be seen as an evil anymore and it can be properly taken advantage of and created by the Christians, changing the life of the Christians generations and generations to come. On the other hand, this article will change people’ idea toward those Christians who do business, leading to those Christians’ doing business without being debated. Apart from that, this article can as well provide opportunity for the relationship between God and mammon to develop and these two won’t be considered as controversial as in the past. In the opposite, God and mammon can go on harmoniously with one another, reducing the conflicts between people with different ideas toward either God or mammon.