Hamlet is one of tragic heroes in the world, he insists on doing the things that he thinks right, but it is not a simple way to the pursuit of justice, when he chose revenge, he loses a wonderful life that he should have , In the same time, he is too emotional to get a way from the wrong direction.

The path to justice is often not a simple one

“ Even if hell breaks down and I stop, I must speak to it.” This is a true reflection of Hamlet’s first reaction to the ghost, but the two goalkeepers at the door did not behave similarly. They just feel fear, a homely fear of the unthinkable, a lack of curiosity. The guards do not yearn for the truth and justice implied by the omens, but their inner response is to be more cautious. It can be seen from this that little Hamlet is a man with an open heart and a desire for truth and justice.

However, because he does what he thinks is right, he lays the foundation for the subsequent revenge, which is also an important reason for his tragedy. For example, in the article, when the capitalized justice wins, it loses its lover and friends. Therefore, when we insist on pursuing our own direction, we need to consider the two sides of things.

Revenge can make people miss or lose many beautiful things those they should have

Hamlet’s heart was heavy and angry when his respected and beloved father was betrayed by his own brother and abandoned by his wife. So it ordered small Hamlet revenge for his father’s death, he resolutely chose revenge, and in the process of revenge he became agitated, in the form of demonic to harm the people around, lost his friends and loved ones.

I don’t think this is a reason for succeed the sacrifices, if Hamlet chose not to pass such radical way to revenge, he adjust his own a state of mind, the position of the future king of Denmark may also into his hand, but it is just a kind of possible thing, but if we resolutely chose to revenge, we will inevitably miss or lose a lot of good things in the process.

Being overly emotional may cause an unlucky fate

After the old Hamlet’s death, Hamlet’s mother quickly married his uncle, and in the subsequent quarrels and questioning, Hamlet thought his mother is not chaste, is immoral, and said that his lover ophelia and his mother are the same harlotry. I think it’s a lack of communication due to anger. This led to the result that Hamlet mistakenly killed his lover’s father in the process of talking with his mother. In the end, even if they get their goals, they hurt their closest people.

Therefore, we need to learn to control our emotions before encountering anything. Whether you do things rationally or emotionally, you should think twice before doing them.

Paranoia can often lead to the abyss

When Hamlet finds himself in the same situation as his father, that is, when he is betrayed by the woman he loves. Hamlet’s real fear was not the appearance of a ghost, or murder, or adultery, but the betrayal. Thus, by repeated coercion, he would repeat the history of his real father, the subsequent conflict would take on the appearance of the original Oedipus conflict, and he would remain paralyzed until he could resolve the original conflict and heal the old wounds.

Therefore, Paranoid tend to lead to the deep, a lot of things that we can’t screwing in the end, we need to find a suitable decision for ourselves, not opinionated, finally toward the abyss.

The influence of family of origin leads to the inability to have normal close relationships

If the ghost is real, it is not a fantasy when the ghost tells Hamlet about murder and betrayal. It simply boils down to Hamlet’s mother marrying his uncle shortly after the death of old Hamlet. But Hamlet ‘s hunches told him that his mother was suspected of negligent murder and adultery. However, a man does not kill first and then kill to adultery. If so, how long will it take to commit adultery? It’s hard to admit a 30-year-old man will make such violent reaction to his mother’s remarriage, that call the adultery, is experiencing a mental breakdown, even if it happened shortly after the death of his father, so the early environmental factors also affect his mind.

Therefore, It doesn’t seem to be an ordinary microbe, but a filterable virus that is invisible to the naked eye and to the ordinary microscope. However, in terms of adultery, it must have happened in a long time ago, in Hamlet’s childhood, his violent reaction is not the result of the current situation, but from his childhood complex Oedipus complex。

It can be seen from the whole article that the cause of Hamlet’s tragedy was not only external factors, but more internal factors led him to go further and further on the road of revenge, including the influence of his native family, the extreme and emotional character. He chose the road of revenge in the pursuit of truth and justice, and finally succeeded in revenge, but also lost all people. Therefore, I think that Hamlet’s ending was sad, but he insisted on what he thought was right all the time. In life, a lot of things are not as perfect as we think, and in the pursuit of truth and justice, we need to be able to consume the negative energy that we can’t afford, and even to the people closest to us.