I am writing to apply for outside sales representative position at Gravity Payments in Seattle. My name is Shuting Yue. I am a senior student at University of Washington, Bothell. My passion for building the connection with others and communicating with people make excited about the position and make an ideal candidate for this sales representative position.

As a tax preparer of VITA free tax preparation program, I spent my weekend with my clients. I talk to them and help them to file their tax return. It is an excellent opportunity for me to practice my communication skills. I build the trust with our clients very quick so they can feel comfortable to give share their information. We strike up the conversation fast and effectively. As a tax preparer, we also answer clients’ tax questions in detail to help them understand the situation. The experience has taught me how to communicate effectively, how to be patient with questions and how to respond to clients’ need in a fast-paced process.

Academically, my extensive business-related coursework in UWB has provided me sufficient sales and marketing knowledge and skills. I am currently joined the Beta Alpha Psi of UWB, which gives me the opportunities to talk to different professionals every week. By talking to them, my network gets the chance to expand, which could be one of my competitive advantages.

My communication skills, patient to listen and respond, passion to build connections would make me a great outside sales representative. I would appreciate the opportunity for a personal interview. For additional information, please see my enclosed resume. The best way to contact me is my email ([email protected]) or my cell phone number is 206-546-9667.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to seeing you in person soon.