One day, I saw a five-star red flag hanging on the roadside. Looking at this red flag, I think of our school. Every Monday, we students must wear uniform, sing the national anthem, and watch the flag rise slowly. October 1st is the National Day, the birthday of the motherland. Our school celebrates the National Day, and the holiday is 7 days. During the holiday, I felt that the motherland has brought us a happy life.

Motherland, I want to tell you: I am proud of you. You are great. You have raised 56 outstanding peoples. With a land of more than 9.6 million square kilometers, you nurture a population of 1.307 billion. I am a small river, flowing in your heart. You are so big, and I am just a flower; you are so broad and wide, and I am just one of your stars.

Motherland, I want to tell you: you are great. At that time, in 1969, the motherland gave birth to the first domestically produced car; in the great moment of 1980, the reform and opening up spread through the Yangtze River and the Yellow River! It is you that give us a happy life; because of you, our days are getting better every day.

The motherland, I want to say too much to you: your light illuminates every corner; your teachings are always in my heart. Motherland, the great motherland, I want to tell you that no matter what the future, I will always sing for you. For you, dear motherland, we must study hard.

My country, I still want to tell you: I love you. I feel infinitely proud of you! I will fight for you. I will study hard and grow up to be a useful person in the future.