1. Introduction
1.1 Origin of the Olympic Games:
The ancient name of the Olympic Games games, originated in ancient Greece, because held in Olympia named. The ancient greeks had a sporting tradition. Ancient Greece was divided into many city-states. In order to sacrifice the gods, the city-states often held competitions with strong religious colors. The holy truce during the games, which facilitated the free movement of citizens and brought a brief peace to the endless war between the cities, was generally welcomed. The largest and longest of these was the games at Olympia to the father of all gods, Zeus, now known as the ancient Olympic Games.

1.2 Origin of Paralympic games:
Sports for the disabled can be traced back to the early games for the disabled. During the first world war, the disabled soldiers on the European battlefield organized their own rehabilitation activities, which was the rudiment of the development of modern sports for the disabled.
In 1948, Britain hosted a disability sports competition, in which only 16 disabled soldiers in wheelchairs took part. Since then the games have been held annually. In 1952, the games became an international sport with the participation of Dutch athletes.
In 1983, the international Olympic committee (IOC) decided to establish a program for the first time since the 1984 summer Olympic Games. Since 1988, the winter and summer Olympic Paralympic events have been made permanent; Cities bidding for the Olympic Games must bid for the Paralympic games at the same time. The Paralympic games will be held at the Olympic venues in the host city within one month of the games.

1.3 Purpose Statement
According to the 2010 Paralympic rules, the only requirement for para-athletes is that they have a disability, such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, amputation, visual impairment or some other disability. Athletes with disabilities can participate in the Paralympics, but athletes with disabilities who do not affect their ability to compete can also participate in the Olympic Games. For example, in July 2012, Oscar Pistorius was confirmed to participate in the London Olympic Games, which made Pistorius become the first double-amputee athlete in the history of the Olympic Games. There are some interesting similarities and differences between the Olympic and Paralympic games in terms of competition standards, timing, events and rules. However, the degree of attention to the Paralympic games is far less than the Olympic Games. This article will compare the Olympic and Paralympic movements from the perspective of social influence.

2. Comparison of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements
Report Paralympic games, each media seems to be in self-conscious not self-conscious, all tone to “solemn and stirring” lean on. Athletes with disabilities, it seems, are suffering; The Paralympics, it seems, are tear-jerking. In fact, the media should not assume that the Paralympic games should be tragic because of the physical defects of disabled athletes. Paralympic games, more time is filled with joy, because it and the Olympic Games are the people of the world’s big party.

There is also a common misconception about the Paralympic games, which is that it is a bit cruel to see athletes showing off their incomplete bodies and competing on the field. In fact, although the Paralympic athletes have different physical defects, but in some aspects of sports ability, there are extraordinary levels. On the sports field, what they need more is not compassion, but a kind of eye level and equal respect. As jin jing, a disabled athlete, said, they do not feel sad about their physical disability, and like able-bodied people, they want to pursue their own professional limits
The growth of the Paralympic games marks the development of The Times and embodies the progress of human civilization.

Compared with the Olympic Games, the Paralympic games are also competitive games. But more emphasis on the self-display of the disabled, the purpose of the Olympic Games “faster, higher, stronger”, here into “spirit, humanity, participation, sharing, humanity, human, lively, attractive and equally wonderful”. Its profound social and cultural significance is the essence of the Paralympic games. Through the Paralympic games, the whole society will pay attention to the cause of the disabled and build a platform for the disabled to show themselves. Under the influence of the tremendous radiation, demonstration, inspiration, guidance and driving force of the Paralympic games, a large-scale Paralympic movement has been formed, which is the basis and main body of the Paralympic games. The social culture of the Paralympic games is reflected in the following aspects:

1. It is the important content that builds harmonious society. The cause of the disabled is an important part of the construction of a harmonious society. In modern society, there has never been a person completely independent of social life and production, and he is always a member of a social group or group. In this sense, the social contacts and interpersonal relationships of the disabled directly affect the social life and quality of life of other groups. As a vulnerable group, the disabled need more attention, respect and protection from society. If disabled people are excluded from the mainstream society for a long time, they will feel isolated from the society psychologically, and may disapprove of or even be hostile to the society, which will become a potential unstable factor in the society.

The Paralympic games are full of affinity, inclusiveness, equality and mutual assistance. The Paralympic games provide an ideal medium for the integration of the disabled into society. Through the Paralympic games, the radiation driven large-scale sports for the disabled, not only can make the further development of sports for the disabled, and from the perspective of human rights, in which the basic values of the disabled also deserves respect and guarantee, make them more likely to become the creator of social wealth, and maintainers of social stability.
2. The concern that causes each country government to disabled person career.

Athletes with disabilities in the Paralympic games with their dauntless, indomitable, optimistic and enterprising, indomitable spirit and understanding of life, not only expanded the country’s influence in the world, inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of the people, inspired the national spirit. It is also recognized by governments that sports is an effective way to develop the cause of the disabled. By taking part in the Paralympic movement, the disabled can use sports means reasonably and scientifically, which can not only remedy the defects and promote the physical and mental rehabilitation to the greatest extent, but also improve their living and learning skills and efficiency, enhance their confidence in competition, and improve the adaptability and stability of the life of the disabled. The Paralympic movement can relieve the pressure on social security and social services.

With the development of society, the responsibility of providing for the disabled has gradually shifted from the family to the social security system, which has increased the pressure of social medical security and social services. Through scientific, reasonable arrangement of appropriate sports and special design of rehabilitation activities, can maximize the correction or reduce the degree of disability, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of other diseases. This also promotes the disabled from “other help” to “self-help” transformation, virtually reduce social pressure. The Olympic Games advocate a positive life, the Paralympic games more advocate the people with physical disabilities and able-bodied people, enjoy the right to compete in the arena, and will continue this spirit into life, do strong life, add strength to the progress of society.

3. To promote physical and psychological rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Paralympic games is a very effective way for the disabled to contact the society. Various forms of Paralympic sports have built a bridge between the disabled and the real world, so that they can have extensive contact with the society, participate in collective activities, let the disabled people feel the value and status of the individual in the society, so that they have obtained a sense of satisfaction and self-esteem. Healing the trauma of disability. Sports activities for the disabled are a means of rehabilitation that cannot be achieved even with drug treatment.

What’s more, sports for the disabled show the abilities of the disabled and then infect the society. Disabled people in the Paralympic games to participate in the competition, not only is the competition sports technology, but also in the courage and will of the contest. You see, on the pitch for the disabled, try to overtake each other in that struggle with amazing perseverance and strong will, they demonstrated that overcome physical disabilities and mental disorders of the courage and confidence, as if was declared to the whole society to the disabled and healthy people have the same tenacious vitality, they can also be for the construction of the motherland and positive contributions to the prosperity of society, won the society’s understanding, respect and support.

Sports for the disabled surpasses the defects, challenges the potential of life and shows the creativity and value of people through the contest of will, skill and physical ability. At the same time, promote rehabilitation, cultivate sentiment, enhance life confidence and courage, promote equal participation. The late Japanese famous rehabilitation medical scientist, sports home yu mura said: “the disabled sports, not only for the game, its main purpose through sports to the disabled from the ward and family liberation, to society, and enjoy the same treatment as able-bodied people. The disabled take an active part in the Paralympic movement, which can not only enhance physical fitness, improve and enhance the function of the disabled limbs, but also add to the interest of life. Edify sentiment, promoted health of body and mind, enlarged communication space. It is a significant social activity for the disabled to participate in sports activities.

4. An excellent vehicle for humanitarian advocacy. The humanitarian spirit is the unconditional maintenance of all human life. All human activities rely on life, and thus make people know how to cherish life, this is the basic “humanitarian needs”; Human beings must keep the standard in accordance with their own nature in all activities, otherwise they cannot realize their own survival and development as “human”, which is the basic “human needs”. These needs are the necessity of the survival nature of human beings and the way of social existence. The principle of “humanitarianism” is not the requirement for those who are cared and saved, but for others and the society. It reflects the attitude, needs, characteristics and level of human beings towards individual lives. Humanitarianism embodies the value subjectivity of human beings, especially human beings, that is, to measure and evaluate human words and deeds by taking human beings and human beings as the main body and its human nature and humanitarian needs as the yardstick. At the same time, it reveals that the essence of humanitarianism is “how people treat people”, that is, how people treat their own lives in a universal sense.

Humanity is the core and fundamental principle of the Paralympic movement. Due to their physical disabilities, it is difficult for disabled people to participate in sports activities in life, training, transportation and participation. We can notice the Paralympic games host the Olympic Games and the normal people are quite different, due to participate in the Paralympic athletes to the life and training have some special requirements, the organizing committee to the modification of many facilities of the city, their purpose is to make the city can truly into the era of “barrier-free”, let the disabled athletes to “barrier-free” into the city life, each detail is to let a person feel humane care fully. The humanitarianism advocated by the Paralympic movement and the culture it contains are the sublimation and crystallization of the concept of “humanitarianism” in various cultures and the product of the progress of human civilization. The modern Olympic movement is the product of “freedom, democracy, equality and fraternity” at the end of the 19th century. It emphasizes equality, fairness and justice, respects people, advocates rationality and understanding, and appreciates autonomy and excellence. These basically represent the main humanitarian values.

5. Show the beauty of imperfection. The link between deformity and beauty leads one naturally to think of Venus DE milo, although Venus DE milo is deformed, with a broken arm. But still embodies the beauty of the human body image charm, “the human body because of the force, or because of its beauty, can evoke a variety of different images”. After all, the incomplete Venus is a pity. Artists tried to make it perfect, and many schemes were not ideal. Finally, they gave up the perfection and kept the incomplete Venus.

The sense of imperfection is well founded. According to gestalt psychology, when an incomplete shape is presented to the eyes, it will cause a strong desire for integrity, symmetry and harmony in vision. In other words, it will arouse a strong impulse to “supplement” or fill it in. So that the excitement of the perception greatly increased; Imaginative thinking is also much more active. This is a process of idealized reconstruction of objects and things, in which people can obtain a sense of pleasure. Paralympic games in the struggle of the disabled people is also a kind of disabled beauty, in the Paralympic games arena, we see is created by the disabled shock of beauty, is in the plight of the disabled body out of the brilliant, is the best interpretation of the beauty of the disabled. The fact is that the influence of the Paralympic athletes has really gone beyond the sport itself.