In Steinberg’s essay “Contemporary Art and the Plight of Its Public”, it raises that art does not have to be for everyone, through which Steinberg highlights that different people may have different ideas toward the same art work. Or maybe it can be put in another way that it may be hard for the artworks to gain the likes and support of all the audience. In the meantime, it is stated that “No critic, no outraged bourgeois, can match an artist’s passion in repudiation”, which can well indicate the great involvement of the artists in their paintings. Moreover, Steinberg proposes that “Any man becomes academic by virtue of, or with respect to, what he rejects”, through which he emphasizes the significance of originality for the artists rather than imitate others. And originality can undoubtedly play a big role in motivating the artists to win the respect and support from the audience.

After reading this paper, I have to say that I agree with Steinberg’s point that art does not have to be for everyone because the likes and dislikes of each and every one really vary quite much from one another. In this way, it is quite impossible for all to enjoy the same painting. At the same time, the likes and dislikes of people may change from time to time. What cannot be neglected is that people’s idea is different from one another not only in art but also in many other aspects in our life. In addition, I have to say that I cannot agree more on the artists’ great involvement in their paintings. It can be understood in this way that the involvement of the artists is actually the precondition for the creation of the great artworks afterwards. And it can help understand why the large number of people have to try their best to involve in something if they would like to achieve it. Besides, the originality is also what I pay delicate attention to in my daily life and I would like to create my own exclusive thought or thing but not imitate others. Therefore I always appreciate those that can constantly put forward their own creative and insightful idea on a given topic, contributing to the great improvement of the topic.