Hello, everyone! Today I would like to make a presentation on Australian service strategy to mitigate forest fires and you can ask questions after my presentation. What is a pity to say is that forest fires have become increasingly common in Australia and they have already caused a series of detrimental effects. The dry winds and high temperature account for a large part as for why this country will face the high incidence of forest fires. What’s worse, the lack of water and remote location limit the strategies to construct the firelines with heavy equipment, fight against fire and use aircraft. As a result, the incidence of forest fires is pretty high in this country.

Under this situation, there is no doubt that proper strategies have to be proposed in order to deal with the high incidence of forest fires in the end. The first solution that will be proposed is the joint efforts of each and every one to fight against the forest fires in Australia to promote more healthy and resilient ecosystems, during which the construction of the fire departments will be a key point. And the second solution is that the greenhouse gases emissions accounting methodology has to be applied so as to better manage forest fires. Thirdly, it is necessary to increase the observation intensity and pay attention to the trend of the wind in the season when fires are prone to occur so as to better cope forest fires.

I am sure that there are many other strategies that can be used to deal with the forest fires in Australia as have not been mentioned in my presentation, which calls for further efforts in the future.

That’s all about my presentation and I hope that you can all learn something from within so as to prevent the forest fires.

At last, it is about the Q & A section and you can ask any question either you feel confused about my presentation or any other solution you feel that is feasible for the solution of forest fires in this country.