Since human beings are only able to detect the consciousness of themselves, their perception of the world is naturally centered around their own senses. However, there is a lack of objectivity when people base all understandings of the world on their own feelings. In my opinion, the process of decentering is similar to growing up. A child listens mostly to his or her own needs, feelings and desires. As time goes by, however, he or she gradually learns to listen to and appreciate the feelings of others, so that a much more objective world view is established. Personally, decentering myself is a necessary step for me to better make sense of the world.

By decentering myself all the time, I will be able to see things from entirely new perspectives. Focusing on the outside world helps me to improve in both thinking and communicating. When talking with another person, seeing things from their point of view is critical to make sure the effectiveness of the communication. Being able to analyze things from different angles, my understanding of the world would also be significantly enhanced. Despite the importance of decentering the self, one must establish a set of ethical standards obtained through experience. Otherwise, decentering would lead to the loss of my own voice and judgement, together with the respect from the other people.