Feedback is considered to be one of the most significant roles of managers in managing the team. Although a feedback might be reasonable, the others might not question the manager’s suggestion or feedback on its behavior. Under this circumstance, managers should give feedback according to the situation of employee’s behavior as well as taken into consideration their personalities. Some people are more likely to adopt negative suggestions, while some others might easily find themselves are negatively impacted by criticism.

Furthermore, the manager’s feedback become effective only when employees adopt his or her suggestions and improve their behavior, otherwise, the feedback is nothing but words. In this case, managers should pay attention to the evaluation of employees’ response to their suggestions, providing awards for any improvements would be a positive measure to modify their behavior. On the other side, managers might ask employees to use the Feedback Metrix to reflect on their feedback, so that, in this way, managers can better monitor the effectiveness of their comments.

For managers, giving awards to employees is of significance as this would encourage employees to continue to improve their behavior, this would better motivate their creativity and productivity. In contrast, criticizes might have negative impacts on employees, and therefore, managers should avoid criticism and negative comments in their feedbacks. Additionally, managers are supposed to provide opportunities for employees to communicate with them on their ideas about their feedbacks, as well as on topics like how to make improvements.

The effectiveness of managers’ feedback depends on both sides’ behavior. Therefore, managers should provide feedback effectively by considering the situation, employee’s behavior, possible improvements or impacts, and approaches to acquire active response from employees. Therefore, as a manager, to have effective feedback, I would like to make sure that my suggestions are provided based on the Situation-Behavior-Impact tool, and encourage my team members to freely and positively to communicate with me to express their opinions or questions  on the feedback.