As an adult learner and a future educator, I believe that this assignment is very meaningful for my career. In the process of completing task, I answered the questions raised before and had an in-depth understanding of the topic I chose at the same time. At first, I determined the topic of this assignment based on what I have learned in class, which is “self directed learning”. I raised a question about the factors that may impact adult self-directed learning and the role of educators play in faciliting this learning process. Then, I found many relevant literatures in the library or on the Internet to help me finding the answer of this question.

During the period, I carefully sorted out the arguments that these authors mentioned in their literatures and kept deliberating to find the best answer to my question. This process has promoted my independent learning ability and enabled me to better understand the area of adult self-directed education through continuous reflection. It had a positive impact on my profession because it not only expanded my knowldge reserve but also made me have a clearer future career plan.

However,this task also challenged me a lot and the most difficult part is the process of filtering information. To be more specific, the large number of litertures online are to a large extent, mixed with some fake or useless contents, which made it difficult for me to sift through them for the real and useful information. Two contradictory arguments make it hard to tell whether the content is right and wrong. What I can do is to carefully judge, filter and avoid the import of low quality information. As far as I am concerned, this task is necessary and helpful for every educators who interested in the adult education.