In the text entitled “Language and Clothing”, it focuses on the relationship between clothes and language. It considers clothing as a sort of way of communication, which presents a new perspective of viewing clothes. The process of proving relationship between clothes and language is quite solid but complex by citing the researches and related areas of physiology. This has provided a theoretical support for such theory. In addition, it discuses the relationship between clothes and language by tracing back to the past history of clothes and language. For the “Language and Clothing”, the first thought appeared in my head is that garments are the reflection of all the culture differences. In addition, it provided some specific examples. For example, “costume” is one of the outcome that was leads by this. It provides public suggestions for what supposed to looks like in some specific conditions.

Another book is called “Dress”. This text is a quite academic study to probe into the relationship between dress and art. It is argued that “dress is a form of visual art” in the beginning of the text.  This is a quite grand topic, but the author does a good job by viewing it in the historical context and discovering how some specific painting and painters influences how people dress. For example, the desire of good- looking style are stronger than the practical style. I can’t reminder how many times I would rather to choose the more prettier option instead of the functional option. The text is solid and resourceful as well with the use of a large number of historical facts and different perspectives of arts. However, there is a lack of theoretical support to prove the relationship between dress and art, which is a flaw of the text.