My experiences have inspired me to chase a career in filmmaking, during which, what would be of the most significance is that I could be able to produce excellent feature films.

My life experience has taught me to cherish the time spent with my loved people, from which I draw inspiration for my films. I was born in Beijing, however, due to my parents’ work, we had to move to several locations to start our brand new life. Since young, I have been aware of the fact that it is hard to meet my family members or friends on a regular base as those who have really settled down somewhere. It is my true hope that people around me would lead a cheerful and delightful life. In the meanwhile, it has always been a pleasure to learn about what has happened during my absence. I love to listen about the personal stories, observe the changes, and especially, cherish such moments of us communicating with our minds concentrated. This has shaped my life, has been part of it, and a real source of my inspiration, too. This is also why I prefer to produce feature films to document these stories.

I believe there is a magic in stories, and I wish I could grow as an excellent storyteller through films. Feature films have always been one of my passion when it comes to film genres, and I would like to document those interesting experiences that have ever happened in my life through images and sounds. At the same time, travelling is another passion for me. I have landed and walked on a number of destinations in the world. Watching related documentaries have undoubtedly become one of my “professional” habits. Making feature films and watching documentaries have lightened my days indeed.

Learning and practising filmmaking have been the best choice I have ever made. It connects my life and offers me more insights on our society and wider world.